Help For Women In Crisis Pregnancies - Grand Rapids, MI
While abortion clinics and family planning groups offer abortion as an easy out, they try to cover up the long-term consequences. For example, they try to discredit Post-Abortion Syndrome, the depression a woman feels after an abortion. Pro-abortion groups also give women inaccurate information about their baby, their pregnacny options, and their feelings. Abortion rapes women. If you are pregnant and need help, these organizations will help you and give you real information about your pregnancy and health.

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The Pregnancy Resource Center, at 415 Cherry SE, is right next to Planned Parenthood. Unlike Planned Parenthood, the PRC offers pregnant women real options. Although pro-abortionists call pro-life resource centers "anti-choice", it's just because the only choice abortionists care about is abortion. The Pregnancy Resource Center will show women what their babies look really like in their womb and will give women free pregnancy tests. They offer information about pregnancy, abortion procedures, alternatives to abortion, ultrasounds, referrals for medical care and social services, and post-abortive support. Also, women definitely will not be coerced into buying an abortion at this center. Call (616)-456-6873 24 hours a day.

The Bethany center is located at 901 Eastern NE. They offer free confidential counseling; housing, medical & living assistance and referrals; adoption programs; support groups; and an infertility ministry backed with over 50 years of experience. Call (616)-224-7550.

Mourning Joy Minsitries, located at 4415 Byron Center SW in Wyoming, offer safe confidential pregnancy help. As a part of the Pregnancy Resource Center, MJM also specializes in post-abortion recovery help groups. Help is just a phone call away at (616)-534-8634.

The Alpha Women's Center, on 1055 E Fulton offers pregnant women free pregnancy testing, referrals for medical care and social services, accurate abortion information, confidential counseling, and free maternity and baby clothes. If you need help, call (616)-459-9955.

Natural Family Planning is a method that involves no artificial contaceptives, no abortion, and revolves totally around a woman's menstrual cycle. This is a wonderful opportunity for married couples not intent on having children right away. NFP is 99.9% effective, which is much higher than the 25% effectiveness of any artificial contraceptives. Check out the Yellow Pages for the nearest Natural Family Planning clinic near you.

Project Rachel, a national level group, offers post-abortion reconciliation. Call 24 hours 800-800-8284. This program offers women who have been victimized by abortion a chance to get together and work through their problems.

America's Crisis Pregnancy Helpline is 800-672-2296. They offer pregnancy help in an area nearest you.

On Bridge NW, Help Pregnancy Crisis Aid offers women realistic options to abortion. Call (616)-459-9139.

Catholic Social Services, at 1152 Scribner NW, offers legitimate pregancy help. Although particularly helpful for Catholic women, it is of course open to every woman.

D A Blodgett Services for Children & Families can give women free pregnancy counseling and infant & special needs adoption. It's located at 805 Leonard NE and they can be reached at 451-2021.

Finally, Right to Life of Michigan and Grand Rapids Rock For Life can give any other information anyone may need. Call 532-2300 for RTL of MI or call the number on the business card to speak with me. If you do not have a card of mine, you can mail me at regarding anything.