Welcome to the home of Rock For Life of Grand Rapids, MI! Grand Rapids RFL is a non-profit youth organization that seeks to educate youth, help women, and stand up for life.

Grand Rapids RFL's objectives:
1. To educate youth on the reality of abortion through peaceful protests, ministry, and music. Education is the most important aspect of our mission.
2. To help women in crisis pregnancy situations see that abortion will not solve their problems, it will just make them worse.
3. To show our fellow youths that Jesus Christ is the only answer to all of their problems.
4. To shed light on the lies spewed out by groups like Pro-Choice Advocates of Greater Grand Rapids, National Organization of Women of Grand Rapids, and Planned Parenthood of West Michigan Inc.
5. To help people realize the unique predicament our generation finds itself in: we are the first generation to have less people than our parents' generation did. 1/3 of our friends, family, and classmates been killed by abortion. One in four pregnancies are terminated each day in this very city. Our brothers and sisters are being killed everyday and we will not sit idly by and watch!

DISCLAIMER: Rock For Life of Grand Rapids by no means advocates violence against clinics, doctors, women's clinic workers, or pro-abortion advocates/activists. This is contrary to our pro-life cause. We support peaceful picketing/protesting, education, discussion, and any other non-violent pro-life activities.
Click here to sign the pro-life proclaimation against clinic violence.

Rock For Life activists.
Click here if you would like information about pregnancy; including pregnancy options, fetal development, and crisis pregnancy centers in Grand Rapids.