What does your favorite band suppport?

Many mainstream bands today support the horrible practice of abortion. Some of those bands even play benefit concerts for the abortion industry's biggest players, like Planned Parenthood and Zero Population Growth. Music buyers are often unaware that the bands they listen to have connections to the abortion industry. If you find that a band you buy CDs from supports a woman's right to homicide, what are you going to do? Will you continue to support bands that fuel the cause that says it's ok to murder children? Or will you make a stand with your money and not support the abortion industry?

Bands That Support Life

137, 13th Tribe, 5 Minute Major, 7 knots crain13th Tribe, Aaron Crawford, a second too late, Alabaster Box, All Star United, All Access, Alter-Ego, America Gomorrah, Angel Mine, Anti-Blue, AOK, Apologetix, Ashfield, Assignment Vine, Asight Unseen, aT a GLaNCE, Audio Adrenaline, Aunt Martha, Autumn War, Baggage Claim, BandwagonBig Tent Revival, Beki Hemmingway, Beautiful Execution, Blackball, Blindside,  b.l.i.n.d, Bloodshed, Blueprint Coalition, Boiling Point, Boywunder, Bride, Broomtree, B-Squad, Buckledown, buckaroo bandits, Burnside Cadillac, Calicoes, Cannibal Culture, Candy Apple Sunday, Cast Out, Caravan 2:11, catawbadeathsquad, Chasm, Christafari, Chrome Donuts, Christ Connection, Clash Of Symbols, Cool Hand Luke, Common Children, Comunalien, Consider the Blameless, Cranium, Crashdog, Crimson Cause, Crisis 112, Critical Mass, Crucified, Crux, Dan Numbers, Death Through Adam, Decree, Desert Juniper, Devoted Molded, Dirt, Disciple, distraught, Dogwood, Downtime, Double Down, Drag the Stick, Drawn Close, eephus, Eklezia,  the Echoing Green, Eggnoggin, Elim, Ember, Evergreen Terrace, Evermore, Every Day Life, Exist, Extension, Fairbanks, Fall, Another Fiasco, FIB, Fine China, Five Iron Frenzy, Five O'clock People, 5 Bucks Short, Fish Stix, Five Thousand Fed, Flight 180, Focal point, Focused, Fold Zandura, forget about emily, Forthwright, Forty Save One, Franks Enemy, xFrontlinex, Glisten, Godcomplex, Galactic Cowboys, Gary Cherone (Former Extreme, Van Halen Member), Ghoti Hook, Gideon's Press, Gifty, G.C.P, Good Mud, Grace for the Fallen, Grammatrain, Gransane, GreyTown, Halo Frendlies, Havalina Rail Co., Hardiment, HeadnoiseHeaven's Burning, Hiding Remington, Homesick, House of Wires, Huntingtons,  Hyperstatic Union, Hypo 12%, Inflict, Infratone ,Inscribed, J.L.F.S, Janitors, the jaywalkers, Jayme Thompson, Jeni Varnadeau, Jeremiah's Grotto, Jesse and the Rockers, Joshua Generation, Joy Electric, Junction Seven, Kavanah Star, Kendall Payne, Kemper Crab, King Pin Wrecking Crew, The Kool-aid Clan, The Lakepipes, Larry Norman, Lent, Left Out, Leprosy of the Soul, Liberation Front, Life In Your Way, Lions Den, Living Sacrifice, Long Goodnight, Lucent, LugNut, Madison Greene, Makeshift, Mary-Louise Kurey, Maybe Tuesday, MC Hammer's, Mercy 78, Messenger, Metropolis, Mike Devine (ex 2 Live Crew), Mindset, Morella's Forest, Mortal, Motor Mouth, Murcy 708, MxPx, Nailed Promise, negative-zero, Neutral Agreement, Nickel Plated Punk, No Compromise, No Innocent Victim, No Substance, Nobody Special, No Purchase Necessary, Not Yet Nova One, Narcissus, Octane Blue, Officer Negative, The OiSka's, One Bad Pig,            One Less Addiction, One Way Ticket, Out 'N' Abouts,  Orville Conspiracy, The Out'N'Abouts, Overcome, The Over-Reactors, Overthrow, Pale Skeeter, Pax217, Peace Tree-T, Pensive, Pep Squad, Persevere, Pyrahna, Pierced, Piqqadown, Plankeye, Pocket Change, P.O.D, Polarboy, The Polka Queen & King Ira, Poor old lu, Precious Death, This Present Darkness, Prodigal Sons, Project For Pablo, Quest, Quick Shot, Rachel's Mourning, Racket and Drapes, Raspberry Jam, Ravage Downfall, Rendered, Red Shoed Star, Remember When, Remedy, Rescue Fred, Rest Assured,   Revolt Against Monday, Rie, Ripped Upheart, Rise, The Rock Band, Rocket Rats , Sagoh 24/7, Sanctified Sister, Sappo, Saviour Machine, Times 7 Scarecrow and Tinmen, Scatered Few,  Severance, Shorthanded, Shutout, Silage, Sisterpete, Six Feet Deep, Sleeping At Last, Slick Shoes, Society's Finest, Soda Cans Only, Sometime Sunday, Solace, Soulfood 76, SoulSeed, Spitfire, Spooky Dawn, Spooky Tuesday, Spyglass Blue, Squad-5-0, Stalemate, Starflyer 59, Stavesacre, Steadfast, Stellar, Stereo Deluxx, Strongarm, Supertones, System Failure , Terra Firma, The Asylum, The Blamed, The Carry Outs, The Clergy, The Discarded,  the Defenders, The Few, The Insyders, The Israelites, the Janitors, The Kry, the lakepipes, Taunt, TANTRUM of the THE MUSE, Three On One, The W's, Through and Through, Tim Urich, Torn N2, Tragedy Ann, TriGger,  Twin Sister, Typical Sloan, Unamerican Dream, Unabridged, Unashamed, Unchained, Uncle Slick, Unpopular, Unsettled, Veer Chasm, Vesper, Vessel, Visitor 3, Viva Voce, Warlord, Warp Factor 9, Wedding Party, Wendy Baily, Whole Emotion, Wilby Dunn, Willing To Bleed, Working Class Threat, Yesterself, YUTZX-conformist, ZAO

Bands That Support Murder

Aimee Mann, Alice In Chains, Ani Di Franco, Aus-Rotten, Babes In Toyland, Bare Naked Ladies, Bikini Kill, Bonnie Raitt, Bruce Cockburn, Bruce Hornsby, Buffalo Tom, Bush, Carrie Newcomer, Cassandra Wilson, Cathie Martino, Chaka Khan, Chin Music, Cher, Cowboy Junkies, Cyndi Lauper, Dance Hall Crashers, David Byrne, David Crosby, Dave Matthews Band, Ethyl Meatplow, Everclear, Everlast, Eve's Plumb, Face To Face, Fishbone, Luscious Jackson, Foo Fighters, Four Non Blondes, Veruca Salt, Fugazi, Graham Nash, Green Day, Helen Reddy, Helmet, Henry Rollins, Hole, Holy Mary Mother of Bert, Iggy Pop, Indigo Girls, Jackson Browne, Janis Ian, Jewel, Joan Jett, Joan Osbourne, Josh Perlman, Juliana Hatfield, The Kennedy's, Korn, Living Coulor, Keb 'Mo', L7, Laurie Anderson, Letters To Cleo, Liz Phair, Lori Wray, Lunachicks, Lyle Lovett, Madonna, Mary Chapin Carpenter, Mary's Danish, Mary J. Blige, Melissa Etheridge, Melissa Ferrick, Matthew Sweet, Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Mike Watt, Morphine, Mudhoney, Nanci Griffith, Natalie Merchant, Neil Young, Nirvana, No Doubt, Odetta, Offspring, Pamela Means, Paula Cole, Pavement, Pearl Jam, Phish, Phoebe Snow, Posum Dixon, Presidents Of The United States Of America, Primus, The Red Light, R.E.M., Rage Against the Machine, Rancid, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Rickie Lee Jones, Rosanne Cash, Salt-n-Pepa, Santana, Sarah McLachlan, Screaming Trees, Seven Year B*@ch, Shawn Colvin, Shudder To Think, Sleator-Kinney, Sophie B Hawkins, Soul Asylum, Sound Garden, Sponge, Stone Fox, Stone Temple Pilots, Toad the Wet Sprocket, Tom Waits, Tracy Bonham, Ween, X, Yo-Yo

Thanks to Rock for Life for the band list.